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A Special Guest Appearance

Working at a baseball field is great. Working at a baseball field where your fiancé also works is even better. Working with your fiancé at a baseball field for a great cause takes the cake, though.

Last Saturday, I worked Larry Fitzgerald’s 9th Annual Double Play Celebrity Softball tournament. For my Louisiana friends that don’t quite understand how big this is, Larry Fitzgerald is like the Drew Brees of Arizona. He does a lot for the communities here and every year he holds a Celebrity Softball Game at Salt River Fields that benefits his charity, The First Down Fund.

I’ve spent several months working on this project- from social media posts to personally handing out flyers to local businesses. Hearing radio hosts talking about this event and then seeing how excited the community was to support it and knowing that I had a hand in making it happen was such a rewarding feeling. What makes it even cooler is that Daniel also had a hand in it, even if it was just a small part. Yep, that’s right. Daniel made a guest appearance (and I mean guest appearance by my own definition) to catch the home run derby. He not only caught the home run derby but he also caught the entire game! I was so proud and grateful that after spending the whole day catching for his own job, that he was willing to get back behind the plate and catch for my job too. So while Daniel caught and chummed it up with NFL hall of famers (nbd), I helped to direct the game on the field.

While most of the celebrities were hall of famers and current football players, it was neat to see Daniel up there playing with some big name professional athletes. Even better than that, it was nice to see him recognized by those professional athletes! I mean, when Shane Doan, former captain of the Arizona Coyotes hockey team, recognizes and calls out your natural ability behind the plate, that’s saying something!

It was a hectic but fun night that all benefitted a great charity. Daniel and I may work in the same sport but our paths don’t cross often. For this though, I’m glad they did because I know it’s a memory we will look back on and be happy that we got to be apart of something so cool together. Baseball life puts you in some odd situations but this one ended up being a home run for both of us.

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