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Baseball Misconceptions

I can't even begin to tell you how many people I encounter that have the wildest assumptions about professional baseball. Honestly, how can we even blame them? It's hard to know what goes on behind the scenes of it all unless you actually live it. Shoot, I live it and I still don't know what's going on sometimes. These are the craziest, funniest, and most common things that people have assumed about our life in professional baseball...

1. "Why are you bartending? Your boyfriend must make a lot of money"

Most people assume that any professional athlete makes a gazillion dollars right off the bat, but thats the furthest from the truth (as some of you know). Usually, it takes a few years before the money is okay enough for me to give up my bartending job in the off season. Lol

2. "Oh so he's in triple A"

Not quite... When you mention the term "minor leagues", people automatically assume triple A. They have no idea that there is an entire world that exists below triple A and even double A. Then they are surprised when you actually tell them how many different levels there are before the bigs.

3. "Well it's nice because he's got all that time off right now"

HAHAHAHA. Off season is not at all what it sounds like. Daniel took about two weeks off and then he was back to the grind. His daily off season routine starts at 9am with yoga, then hitting and throwing, then heading to his workout facility for cardio and weightlifting. Sometimes I don't even see him until I get off from work at midnight. The closer we get to spring training, the more we are just like ships passing in the night.

4. "You're a sport management major because your man is a professional athlete"

This one irks me to no end, but I am getting more and more used to it so I am starting to just let it roll off my back. But the answer is no, I am not studying sport management because of Daniel. No, I am not going to be his agent. While I do basically manage his day to day life, I do it because I am his girlfriend, not his "manager". I was on this career path way before I met Daniel. We just happened to end up lucky... I like sports and he likes me :)

5. "You date a professional baseball player. Your life must be so fun and glamorous".

Honestly, my life isn't much different from anyone else's. I go to school, I work, etc. The difference is, I just follow my guy around the country for half the year and attend more baseball games in one month than the average person probably does in a year. I wouldn't call it very glamorous, more like hectic. But it is a fun kind of hectic, a once in a lifetime kinda hectic, and a kind of hectic roller coaster that I would never trade for the world... and who knows, maybe it will be glamorous one day too.