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Countdown to Draft Day

The days and weeks leading up to the draft are mostly normal for Daniel and I... I mean, besides the fact that I am graduating college and besides the fact that Daniel is talking to scouts about his future in professional baseball (no big deal, right?). As we are awaiting the draft, I am doing my best to be positive, pack up our apartment, and answer the question "what next?". But most importantly, I am enjoying the last few weeks we have together in Hammond, America as Southeastern Lions.

May 14, 2018:

As it is hitting me that I just graduated from college just two days ago, I am also coming to the realization that college baseball will be coming to an end for us too. This week will be our last time ever playing at "The Pat", our home field the past two years of college. The reason that I use "our" is because, through Daniel, I have become so invested in this team and the fans. Not only as a player's girlfriend, but also as a game day volunteer... getting to know the fans that are there for the love of the game and school, not just because they know someone on the team. Being that Daniel is not from Louisiana, the parents and fans here have sort of taken him under their wing and cheer for him as if he is their own son. We have made close friendships with some of his teammates and their girlfriends. I have found friendships through commonalities with some of the coach's wives. And while friendship has the potential to last forever, game days at The Pat do not. So with these last home games approaching, I am grateful to have experienced all of Daniel's game days at The Pat and more. Including the rare time that it snowed in southern Louisiana, and we played "snowball" there, including the time that fans packed The Pat to watch us beat LSU, our "big brother" team, for the first time in eight years, including Daniel's senior day when my family and I had the honor of walking with him on the field. The heart attacks I've almost had during close games, and the excitement of celebrating a crushing victory with friends is what I am going to miss most. So thanks to The Pat for the memories and for the people that you gave us along the way in our journey!

Up Next: Southland Conference Tournament!

May 26, 2018:

Yesterday officially marked the end of college baseball for us. Daniel and the Southeastern Lions had a good run in the conference tournament, and taking the trip to play in Sugarland, Texas is always fun for me. While in Sugarland, I got to visit family that I have in the area, Daniel's mom made the trip in from El Paso, Texas, and we also got to watch Daniel SMASH his last college home run in the first game of the tournament. It was one of those at bats that you know as girlfriend is either going to make or break the game for him and as soon as the ball left the bat, I knew it was gone. Being the big emotional baby that I am, I jumped out of my seat with tears in my eyes, and I even made his momma cry too. The games came to an end two days later though, and even though we knew that baseball would continue on for us, it was sad to finally close that college chapter with our friends and family we have made. Now we are looking onward to bigger and better things though, and I will be sitting on pins and needles until draft day!

Impatiently Awaiting... Draft Day

June 6, 2018

With the 939th pick in the 31st round of the 2018 MLB Draft, the Arizona Diamondbacks select... you guessed it, Daniel Wasinger!

Today will officially forever be the day that Daniel likes to call "the best day of my life" or, my favorite, "my birthday but way better" because it happened, his dreams came true! Over the three days of the MLB Draft, I was so nervous that I probably could have been sick. We knew already that Daniel would not be picked up the first day (rounds 1 and 2) so it is the only day we actually watched. Some scouts told Daniel that it could happen the second day (rounds 3-10) and some said definitely the third day (rounds 11-40). The second day of the draft began and we tried our best to stay busy. We went to our favorite spots in downtown Hammond, Louisiana and played a lot of games of pool and lost a lot of our change to the jukebox. I started feeling a little defeated for him as the day went on and his head started to hang a bit as he continued to ask me what round the draft was in. I called his phone multiple time throughout the day just to make sure he still had service as he waited for the most important call of his 22 years. However, the second day passed and Daniel went undrafted. Today, the third draft day, I woke up full of butterflies and optimism. Again, we did things to keep Daniel's mind off the draft so we went bowling. We played game after game while he waited for a call and the whole time I kept taking peeks at my phone to check the draft round. Eventually, the 30th round started and by this time, Daniel was already starting to feel a little heartbreak... he even began packing his suitcases to head back home for the summer. In the 31st round, I took another peek at the draft updates and as the Diamondbacks' pick came up, I felt knots in my stomach like never before. Then all of a sudden, his name popped up on the phone screen and I did not even get to finish reading the update before I was running across the apartment and almost knocking Daniel out of his chair screaming "DANIEL, YOU'RE GOING TO THE DIAMONDBACKS". The look on his face was priceless and my heart swelled ten times bigger knowing that his childhood dreams, everything that he has worked so hard for, just became a reality. So as we stood in our half packed apartment, surrounded by boxes, hugging and celebrating (and me crying), not even 30 seconds later, the phone call he had been waiting on came.

Within ten minutes, I went from cloud nine to being knocked down a few levels when Daniel got off the phone and told me that he would be leaving tomorrow morning... Talk about being thrown into the ups and downs of the baseball lifestyle feet first.

June 7, 2018

I dropped Daniel off at the airport this morning and said my tearfully excited goodbyes to him. I felt as if I was dropping a little kid off at his first day of summer camp. He was that type of little boy living out big dreams giddy. And while I am sad that he is gone, I cannot help but crack the biggest smile when I think of this new beginning that we have started on today. He is the most hard working and deserving human that I know. I know that most things are uncertain right now, and not everything will always go as planned, or be perfect, but as long as we are chasing the major leagues together, I know that it will be the most rewarding journey.

Thanks for reading!

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